Phillipe Maniccaci


The world is made of moments of life; I’m here to capture social phenomena” - Philippe Maniccaci

Philippe Maniccaci was born in 1952, in France. Maniccaci was first a practicing as a doctor and since thirty years ago, he has traded his doctor’s white coat for the camera and founded the movement of Iridoarthérapie, where he combined his astute clinical outlook with his creative juxtapositions of colors and images in his photos to create sensitive social commentaries.

Maniccaci’s works captures his observations of how technologies have molded our daily lives. He juxtapose scenes of the urban city with violent colours, where anxiety and alienation of modern living onto metallic, artificial, and gaudy stills of our lives.

He has since held his solo exhibition in Visionairs Gallery Paris in 2011 and participated in Asia Contemporary Art Show and Milan image Art, Design Fair, 2012 and Art Stage Singapore, 2014.