Nithah Stöcklin

Nithah Stöcklin was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where she was influenced by the contemporary art movement, the graffiti culture, the vibrant streets and colorful costumes of Rio and by the variety of religious expressions. After moving to Basel, Switzerland, she was inspired by the multi cultural influence she had encountered in Basel, by the sculpture studios and natural landscapes of central Europe. Self-taught she started painting with oil on canvas, and for the first time, came into touch with her creativity as she attempted to portray, expressing the world as she perceived it. Her abstract and geometrics paintings were compared to the Great Russian painter and art theorist Wassily Kandinsky. But her desire of being able to interact with her subjects in a deeper way brought her to photography. She was specially inspired by the work of the famous British photographer and filmmaker John Rankin Waddell. After Rankin’s Exhibition in London, she decided that photography was her dream work and then she decided to study photography and invest her career in this area. And the energy that seemed too contained in her paintings now comes across powerfully in her photography work. To understand Nithah’s photography work it’s necessary to know that she is very sensitive, that she has a very strong passion for life, she is very optimistic, creative and love people and has a huge desire of helping people through her artistic work. She strongly believes that her work is her most sublime calling. And for this reason, her final purpose is to awake her viewers souls. For that she is able to transpose her interaction with the world that surrounds her into her compositions. Nithah's imaginative flair enhanced her unique "story" process in an innovative and cutting edge way. Creative sequencing, multimedia illustration, props, makeup artistry and lighting techniques lend to this one of a singular result. She has been invited to show her work in several important galleries in Germany, England, Brazil, Singapore and Greece. And in July 2019 she is going to exhibit her work in Switzerland (Basel). In 2015 she was featured at the magazine "Brasileiros Mundo Afora" in Berlin Germany. And in the same year her work was exhibited at the Makly, on the topic violence against women in Basel, Switzerland. In 2016 she was reported at the newspaper "A Gazeta de Cuiaba", in Mato Grosso, Brazil. She also took part in the collective exhibition at the NITAMI Studios - Basel Switzerland. 2016 is the year that she is awarded for her "Duality" work at the 12th Mostra Internacional de Cinema Negro in São Paulo, Brazil. And she exhibited "Duality" at Gallery Vorreither in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. In 2017 she took part in the collective exhibition at the Brazilian Embassy in London, UK. And again in 2017 her work "Inner Strength" was exhibited in Basel, Switzerland. Still during 2017 she was invited to a Fashion performance with her creation on the theme Duality at Schlosserei Bern in Bern,Switzerland. She has also been invited to show her work "Spiritual Dessert" at Gallery a.antonopoulou.art in Ahtens, Greece. And some of her work was exhibited at Photo 17 in Zürich, Switzerland. In 2018 her work received an Honorable Mention, ipa - International Photography Awards™. She exhibited her work at the ARTery Art Fair Singapore at the Visionairsgallery in Singapore. Nithah continually re-shapes, challenges and transgress the boundaries of photography. In her most recent work she shows it in keeping with the lively tradition at the heart of photography, technological innovations open up the possibility of new types of image. She has an unique artistic idiom and blaze a trail in the uncharted territory unveiled by the new tools available to her peers through her own creative approach. “There is no such thing as real perfection. Everything has its own unique perfection, if only it can be revealed to the eye of the beholder.”