Massimo Gammacurta

Massimo Gammacurta was born in Rome, Italy, where he was influenced by the futurist art movement, the graffiti culture and Fellini's and Pasolini's films. Trained at the School of Cinematography, Photography and Television studies in Rome, Gammacurta has brought the sensibilities of contemporary fine-art to the commercial sphere. Recognised by his peers as a conceptual still life photographer, Gammacurta not only shoots objects with his camera, but also creates and bring them alive through photography. Gammacurta is now based in New York City, where he continually re-shapes, challenges and transgress the boundaries of photography.

 He works firmly within the tradition of Duchamp's re-designation of function and material, or Oldenburg's sculptural material manipulation. Edible Icons created as Lolli-pops were born: art brands as sweet candy presented in a collection of clear and colorful pops for the palate and the eye.