Lydie Blandeau founder

Lydie Blandeau Founder (Curator  Director) The advertising business takes you where you want to go – as long as you get out of it! Formerly an artistic director, Lydie Blandeau quit the advertising world in 1998. After 6 years, she decided to go out on her own and develop her creative consultancy. As an agent, advisor and mentor to artists like Patrick DEMARCHELIER, her philosophy is to respect the artistic rather than commercial values.

Exhibiting her artists since 2005, Lydie Blandeau opened Visionairs Gallery in Paris in 2009, to provide them a dedicated space. Her mission is to restore creative values to contemporary art and act as a shield to protect artists from the speculative machinations of the international art market. Visonairs Gallery Asia had since incepted in Singapore on April 2016.

Since 2010 Lydie Blandeau is the agent of Claude MOLLARD Chief Counselor at the court of the Auditors Secretary General of the Centre Pompidou (1971-1978), Secretary General of the National Audiovisual Institute INA (1978), General Delegate of the Decorative Arts Central Union (1978-1981), Advisor to Jack Lang (1981-1982), Representative for the Visual Arts at the French Ministry of Culture (1982-1986), CEO of ABCD, Director of the ISMC (1986-1996), Special Adviser to Jack Lang, Minister of National Education for developed Arts in school (2000- 2002), Managing Director of the National Center of Pedagogic Documentation CNDP (2001-2004).In 2014, she have been working closely for the ARAB INSTITUTE

(IMA) with Minister of Culture Jack LANG. She is now in charge of IMA’s touring exhibitions in Asia and promote cross-culture with Europe.