Brand and Corporate


VISIONAIRS Art has specialized  in art and cultural business for the last two decades to produce and to curate high level projects, cultural  engineering, design, cultural event to museums, corporations, brands and any interested clients.

It is our mission to provide the best of the art with cross-cultural exchange, development project from A to Z.

Understanding with our client how art business can be used to enhance customer journey, campaign performance, strong understanding on client expectation. We provide a 360° art business service, from the art consultancy to the branding and communication strategy, that supports our clients and their team throughout the development of a new project, event, design exhibition...

VISIONAIRS we focus on mixed-use art event, speakers venue, artist venue, art sponsoring for brand recognition and increase your corporate visibility.

Established in 2005 by Lydie Blandeau - the VISIONAIRS headquater is located in Paris, with an office in Singapore and Hong Kong, with our experts located in Asia, Europe who are running the VISIONAIRS brand within their respected area. VISIONAIRS brings a specialized team with an outstanding array of expertise and insights from various different backgrounds to each of our clients endeavor and go above and beyond the traditional art consultancy services to fully implement a 360 degree approach.

Curated art collections, bespoke branding, marketing and personal guidance throughout all completed hospitality, commercial and private projects. With a strong emphasis on adding financial and aesthetic value to our clients’ portfolio, sharing completed projects among our clients as well as the media to strategically support the made art investment at a global level. This allows us to create awareness and attract a new audience, influence and new clients

OUR BUSINESS We are operating outside the box to ensure to achieve the goals of our clients

•Providing art development projects for clients, for hotels, firms and brands .

•Museum expertise, in association with CMC Claude Mollard Consulting to promote highly multi-cultural projects, public Art Installations, bespoke art commission, design, musuem.,

•Hosting private events and dinners,

•Private talk, special guest venue and private dinner,

•Cross culture of project through VISIONAIRS channels,

•Conservation, restoration, establishing Authenticity and legal title, condition Report, art valuation, confirmation of Provenance. Practicing conservator/restorer in both the private and the museum.

•Blockchain with cryptocurrency with a special advisory to protect art copyright, artist and collector protection.